November 17, 2017

September 29, 2017

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Cat Beach - Lifestyle Coach

January 1, 2017

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Energy? ... What energy?

September 29, 2017

Energy...What Energy?!


In the world we live in today, stopping to take a deep cleansing breath to allow ourselves a moment to clear, seems awfully difficult. Our multitasking ability and the 'make it happen mode' seem to take center stage. Finding a moment of stillness is quite difficult if not planned in advance. What I have seen in and out of my class room is the challenge of listening to our bodies, even when they yell at us.


I know that in a technically connected world, it is difficult to disconnect. I know we all have obligations and dreams. We also have families to take care of. None of these will get the attention they need unless we learn when to slow down and center and when to be active and go.

I find that my clientele over the age of 40 years often wish they had learned some of these techniques earlier. Some of which are dealing with major health issues due to 'ignoring the signs'.


The human body and mind will give us signs to help us understand that we are pushing the envelope too far. Things like acute fatigue, strokes, diabetes, weight gain or loss, constant muscle pain and foggy daily energy. All of these are signs to help us be more aware. Our job is to pay close attention to why it's happening and take action. Below are some ideas on how to reboot both physically and mentally. Even if we feel exhausted we do have the ability to cultivate energy by going within.


What to do right away to get results:

  • Drink water

Dehydration zaps energy and impairs physical performance.

  • Eat more often

Eating smaller meals more frequently during the day may help to steady your blood sugar level.

  • Get your rest

Lack of sleep increases the risk of accidents and is one of the leading causes of daytime fatigue.

  • Get moving

The last thing you may feel like doing when you’re tired is exercising. Many studies show that physical activity boosts energy levels

  • Yoga

Although almost any exercise is good, yoga may be especially effective for boosting energy.


Here are six things that I had to change in my journey:


1. Stop Worrying

If you cannot fix it right away do not allow it to rent space in your mind. The FEAR will waste your good energy. Everything is for just right now and everything works its way out.

2. Have compassion for yourself
We gain energy from love and compassion. Treat yourself kindly and gently. It's not always necessary to be hard driving.


3. Practice deep breathing
Take time during your day to breathe deeply. Oxygen can help calm you. I often practice deep breathing in my classes.


4. Cultivate stillness within you
There's an incredible healing power in stillness. Create quiet spaces in your day.


5. Nourish your body
Start to notice which foods provide a sense of restoration and healing in your body.

6. Stop doing what drains you.
You'll instantly feel more alive when you choose to stop doing what drains you. Start journaling the days you feel drained and go back after a month to see who what when and where your energy was zapped.


It took me time to figure out what was zapping my high energy. Perhaps the many years I spent in the high energy zone without breathing and becoming still is the root cause.  After hearing so many people complain about their lack of energy I wanted to be honest about my journey. Here's to regaining your vitality.


Wishing you all a week filled with great renewed energy!

~Cat, Jason and Kris






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