November 17, 2017

September 29, 2017

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Cat Beach - Lifestyle Coach

January 1, 2017

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Get Excited About Change?

July 3, 2017

Fear of anything can be rather stifling. It literally can stop us in our tracks. Whether we are trying to change our outlook, our style, our life or our bodies when change is on the horizon we sometimes choose to stay in our comfort zone.

The difficulty is that the real change happens outside of our comfort zone.

I've battled with my own fears, particularly the fear of change on many levels. Some battles I've conquered and others I've taken a nose dive. Both have rendered me in a great place.


There have been turning points in my life when I needed to make a change, but I was scared stiff. I'd stay where I was, paralyzed by the fear that I wouldn't be able to stick with the change or worst case scenario I would fail while in the process.

Change that just happens to us can be scary but is often out of our control.  A much different feeling goes along with change that we initiate. Fear is a much bigger part of the equation when the choices are in our control.


Choosing to stay right where we are, and shutting down that awful feeling of fear by doing exactly what we've always done provides temporary relief, however, it will never allow us the chance to soar.



Here are some thoughts and ideas that might help lift that cloak of fear:


1. Accepting uncertainty.

Uncertainty is part of life and the sooner we accept it, the easier it will be.


2. Don't Focus on Failure.

Don't focus on everything that could go wrong. Find the pieces that could go right as well.


3. Allow the excitement to trump fear.

There's something better out there for us. Get excited about that!


4. Embrace the idea of risk.  

Risks that enhance our life, such as ending an unhealthy habit, is worth taking.


5. Seeking sage advice.

Seek advice from those who have done it before as they'll have some ideas on how to navigate change.




We all want to live our best possible lives.  Sometimes it seems safer to just stay put, and not challenge our balance. The mantra... 'It's safe here' can take over our minds. It's important to know that it's a bigger risk to stay put than it is to get uncomfortable, get excited and make the change that we so desire.


I can name a hundred reasons why I am glad for my changes. The one that was most challenging years ago was dropping from 220 lbs to 126 lbs in a year and a half.  It was way outside of my comfort zone and took me to the extreme of my fear. I don’t regret it for one single day though as it changed my life’s course and my life in every way.  

Sometimes change is as simple as a coach saying 'yes you can'


Here's to a week filled with getting excited about change and believing in yourself!


Health and smiles,





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