November 17, 2017

September 29, 2017

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Cat Beach - Lifestyle Coach

January 1, 2017

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May 1, 2017

We talk fitness, wellness, health and professional sports all day long.

You name it, we talk about it.

We read about it in magazines and even purus an entire wall in the book store dedicated to it.

We watch it on TV and discuss it in the break room at work.

It's everywhere and always seems to have a variation on the same theme.


'How to Get in Shape in 30 Day's' ... 'Ten Days to a Better You' or 'How to Succeed in the Fitness Game'


What they fail to mention, in most of these, is the little gap between conceptual self talk and the huge leap required to keep consistent fitness in our weekly schedule. It is the consistancy that creates the change we all crave. This consistancy is triggered by a deeply personal desire that only you know.

The truth is working out is hard as hell—even before you get to the gym. Sometimes the best intentions, like setting an early alarm or packing sneakers in your work bag, won't be enough to get you 'pumped up' about the grueling training session you've got planned.


The reality is that every day won't feel like a fitness fiesta. It's unrealistic to put your head in the 'I fail if I don’t go to the gym every day' sink hole.  In all honesty it's ok to skip a few workouts. Taking extra time to allow your body to recover may help you reach your goals faster (hi foam roller).


Now, before you jump up and down thinking, “Cat just let me off the fitness hook”... Take a moment to breath and before you hit snooze or head to happy hour after work I want you to ponder something first. Are you skipping out on a single session every now and again or are you regularly ducking out of fitness.

Guy's it's called working out for a reason - results are accomplished by 'getting after it' and that means showing up.


I know the tough part is carving out time. I sometimes need to dig deep for my 'get up and go' energy as well.

So here's what I do to help my yearly motivation tracking. I treat my training schedule like I'm in season and off season. I don't do a hard court press 365 days a year. I keep fitness as part of my world in many ways but the tough grueling workouts are saved for half the year. Those are my building months. Surprise, surprise some pro athletes do the same. The trick is, when you go 'in season', what triggers your personal motivation.


Below are some tips for motivating yourself:


- Write down your goals and look at that list every day.(put it on your bathroom mirror)

- Create a buddy system with your BFF.

- Plan your workout schedule in advance.

- Have an awesome play-list ready to go.

- Get in touch with your competitive side.

- Tailor your workouts to fit your schedule and your energy level.

- Watch a inspirational video while you put on your workout clothes.

- Work with a personal trainer every once in a while to stay accountable to your goals.

- Wear a fitness tracker.

- Put your alarm clock across the room

- Morning workouts or meditation/stretching set your day in the right direction.


Here are two pointers to keep you moving forward and toward your goal. It's a 'you' thing. No one else can strike that inner desire like you can. So sit down and sign a commitment contract with yourself. It doesn’t have to be long but it does need to be personal to you and your goals. Secondly, please don't forget to give yourself a reward weekly for sticking with your workouts. Something as simple as a quick outing with friends can brighten your spirit and remind you of why your working out in the first place. To keep you energized and able to spend quality time with those you love.


Here's to finding your 'inner winner'








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